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Merry Christmas

Some reminders from 1985

Olney Middle School choir were guests at our 1985 concert in Olney Church

and were led by Mrs Joan Parkin who still supports the band and was

instrumental in helping many of our members to start playing brass.

Present day

This year’s carolling season got underway last Thursday with the band playing carols for the

late night shopping in Olney. It’s good to think that we can start the festive season in the town

from which the band now gets its name. For some of us, it was the start of yet another year

but for a couple of players from the Beginner Band it was the first taste of what’s to come. As

usual its a packed programme of events and we rely very much on friends, family and past

players to help play and collect, so if you are free on any of these dates do please pop along.


Our Christmas concert this year takes in a new format - a drop in between 3 and 5 pm see



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