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50th Anniversary 2024

This month we welcome past members to our readership - we have opened up

our mailing list to allow communication to everyone who is hoping to attend

this celebration - Provisionally the date is 28th September 2024 in Stantonbury

Theatre. If you know anyone who would like to be added please contact us by

email, facebook, website etc

Brothers in Brass

These two brothers started playing

in Open Band last September 2022.

Kit is only 6 and won a talent show

at school playing ‘We Will Rock You’

and Rory, the elder played a Jazz

piece at School. The first time he’d

ever performed in public doing


These two brothers started playing

in Stantonbury Brass in 1974 - Keith

has previously been Principal,

Euphonium, percussionist and now

plays 2nd Baritone, Dale has retired

from Horn playing, but is looking

forward to the 50th!

These two brothers started playing

in Stantonbury Brass in 1974 -both

continue to be stalwart members of

Olney Brass - Andy is our esteemed

chairman and Simon has registered

more players for contests than he

has had pints in the Bell and Bear!

(Fake news!)

An exceptionally well-received Proms concert at Newton Longville bringing their coronation celebrations to a rousing conclusion.

Brilliant beginners helping to brighten everyone's day at a local street party, during the Coronation weekend in Newport Pagnell Well done!

Band Weddings

Congratulations to Mr and Mrs Matthew Atkinson (Principal Cornet) on the occasion of their wedding in Las Vegas earlier this month. Matt married Rebecca Stoneman (ex baritone player) before flying home and playing at the Proms Concert whilst suffering jet lag!

More Nostalgia - just to see if everyone is still reading this!

I don't think anyone will thank me for these!

Dale Underwood (tenor horn) married Sharon Nicholls (tenor horn)

Tim Spencer (Eb Bass) married Helen Adams (trombone)

Andy Harris (BbBass) married Sue Drury (Flugel Horn)

It was good to meet up with ex conductor Ed Keeley and two ex euphonium players Vaughan Bower and Dominic Sheehy

Tony Moroney

Several band members attended the

funeral of Tony ex Chairman and first

trombone player with the band on 28th

March. He will be fondly remembered for

moving the band forward during a

difficult period.

He threw himself into band life and this

message from the inaugural concert

program shows what he achieved during

his time with us.

We extend our sympathy to his son

Daniel, also an ex player and all of his

family at this sad time


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