November 2013

Olney Brass appoint a new conductor

Olney brass have appointed a new conductor, Martyn France, to take the band forward over the coming months and years. Hopefully to much success. Here is a message from Martyn about the appointment:
Being brought up in a brass band family, the appointment to Olney Brass means 3 generations of my family have become conductors or musical directors of brass bands. My two uncles have also conducted, so I feel honoured that Olney Brass have given me the opportunity to continue the family tradition.

I was brought up through the ranks of The Salvation Army, and played Eb Tuba, Trombone, Euphonium with various groups. I have had the privilege of conducting at the National Brass Band finals in 2006, and at Olney Brass have a group of quality players that one day will give me the chance to achieve this goal again.
I intend to promote the band throughout the local community and extend a warm welcome to any brass players, who may want to return to playing. Our concerts will be audience friendly and I look forward to organising many concerts in the near future.