March 2009

As if the recent death of young Simon Palmer wasn’t enough for the band to cope with, on the eve of the area contest Teresa May, wife of Flugel player Laurence, suffered a brain haemorrhage and very sadly passed away a week later. Tess was a French Horn specialist who had taught at the music service for over 20 years. We send our sincere condolences to Laurence and their two sons Peter and Tim, both of whom played with Stantonbury Brass whilst at school some years ago.

The band made a last minute decision to play at the area and we were very grateful to ex-player Stephen Kenny who travelled from York University and played the Flugel part with just 10 minutes’ run through.

Although there was some excellent playing, the adjudicator Philip Sparke commented that “the performance had good moments but it needed more character and didn’t really catch fire”. Under the circumstances it is quite understandable why this was so.